Home Security in the Hills District

Home Security in the Hills District

Wotch is a small business specialising in Home Security in the Hills District. Small businesses deserve a break when they are starting out, especially when everything else connected to the business costs money. Trying to look for ways to save money and still market your brand are constant dilemas.

Letterbox drops are one way that small businesses can start. However, letterbox drop services can be very expensive with no guarantee and / or assurance that they get delivered.  The answer is to deliver them yourself and for people who love walking, the drop seemed like a great idea. Through the soaring heat and the long sweaty hours, there was light at the end of the tunnel. A very worthwhile experience for a variety of reasons.

There were all sorts of letterboxes and a few of those had a “No Junk mail” sign attached.

“What is considered junk mail?” is an important question.

To a small business owner trying to spread the word about your business, “nothing is junk”. However, to a home owner, anything that is not delivered by Australia Post is.

Home Security in the Hills District
Some people are not very security conscience and it was obvious when there were gates and windows left open. There were also lawns that were so long that it looked like no-one had been home in a year and were unable to attend to it. Burglars scope for this type of thing so it is not sending a very good message.

In one street, there were lots of people going in and out constantly of the one house.  Home owners and renters need to be aware of what is happening in and around their houses for their own sake.

For example – “Another arrest has been made in a long-running investigation into the importation and manufacture of illegal drugs — following a big breakthrough in August when a drug lab exploded on a quiet street in Stanhope Gardens.”

The information collected for where to deliver the first batch of leaflets was alarming. The statistics showed that there were a lot of break and enters in and around the Hills District including the areas of Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Kellyville Ridge, etc

People in the Hills District need to safeguard themselves and be able to monitor what happens around their homes. Wotch and technology make it extremely simple for you to do just that.

From $275, homes can be fully secured and you can have actual video footage if anything does happen around your home.

Contact Wotch.com.au for a free quote and design your own system.

Home Security in the Hills District