Garage Door Controller

Aeon Labs Z-wave Garage Door Controller is a smart and wireless Garage Door Control system, you can control the garage door to open, close, or stop moving remotely via your smart home controller.  Includes garage door status detector for complete easy DIY!

Easiest and safest way to add z-wave remote control to your garage door.  The garage door controller is a full kit – the controller, a tilt sensor for panel lift doors and the accessories.

With this kit you can add remote open/close capabilities to any standard garage door opener with an external trigger input (almost all openers do).  Or if you currently have a wired wall switch to open/close your garage door then you can connect the aeon labs garage door kit directly to the wires of the wall switch.

Very simple wiring to your garage door opener using just 2 wires and used in conjunction with your home controller for the ultimate garage door automation.  These are some of the possibilities:

♦ Open or close your garage door from anywhere

♦ Automatically close your garage door if left open for extended period of time

The Garage Door Controller allows you to configure different alarm sounds to indicate the door’s action. Each action alarm sound can be customized. To change or update new alarm sounds for the Garage Door Controller, connect the Garage Door Controller to your PC host with a USB cable and download your sound files to the flash memory (128 MB) of the Garage Door Controller.