Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Safety and Security for our ageing family members has to be a priority. These days, everything is done electronically so it is important to have the latest technology for the ones we love.

Its simple! Start with a security system from It will give them and you peace of mind.

It’s funny how you reach a point in your life when you become the person worrying about your parents. They live alone in the house and for years they live in peace and go about there day to day lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that interrupts that status quo.

Safety and Security

Falls are very prevalent in the older community. You don’t realise until you start having conversations with different people and how prevalent it is. Sometimes, they end up in hospital for a short stay. Other times they can be in there for a long time and worse still, some never return home to their normal lives.

Mostly, people just want to be able to live their days out in their own homes and enjoy time with their families.

We equip them with a mobile phone, an iPad and maybe a computer. They have the best Smart TV available with foxtel thrown in. So why don’t we have the latest hi tech security system for them to access.

So that’s when you need to start looking at a way that your loved ones can stay at home for as long as they want.

Doctors recommend that you get an Aged Care Assessment (ACAT). This is used to make a recommendation for the type and level of care that will best meet your relatives needs.

This is where a person comes and interviews your relative and asks if there are any areas that they need assistance with. It could mean getting assistance with things like;

  • Domestic tasks such as laundry, cleaning or meal preparation,
  • Transport to appointments, shopping,
  • Assistance with personal care such as showering, dressing, cutting toenails,
  • Gardening and home maintenance,
  • Medication management,
  • After hospital care
What does Safety and Security look like in the home?

How can we safe guard them? is the perfect system to have for you and your parent / parents.

The system is very easy to use for both parties.

They can feel safe and secure in their own home. Some people cannot move around the house as freely as they used to, so being able to open and close doors from their smart device is a godsend. They are able to turn lights on and off at the touch of a button. Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings.

What does Safety and Security look like for the family member?

Monitoring Activity Patterns

Safety and SecurityUnderstanding your family member’s activity pattern and getting an alert if it’s out of the ordinary.

Being aware of your family member’s movements
Safety and Security Making sure your loved ones are getting up and about.

Safety and SecurityBeing alerted if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house at odd hours and being able to lock doors that have been left open.

This will not only bring peace of mind to you but also your loved one.

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