Smart devices are giving Security Systems and Home Automation a new lease of life. They are taking charge of the change in Smart Homes and Businesses.

Security systems traditionally had one job, however today they are one of the most versatile and useful technologies. They solve a broad range of risks, challenges and inconveniences around your home or business.

People like the fact that several systems can be fully integrated into one with ease and its not just a one size fits all mentality.

Wotch’s Security systems and Home Automation packages don’t just keep your home secure; we help keep it safe, energy-efficient, comfortable, convenient and free of sudden repair emergencies.

Security Systems and Home Automation

Here are a few of the conveniences of Security Systems and Home Automation:

Security System

A combination of smart, connected hardware and advanced security intelligence makes light work of complicated everyday security issues.


Everyone has been in despair over keys at some stage in their life. Lost keys, misplaced keys, broken keys; we have all experienced this. With the Lockwood Mortice Deadlock, family members and trusted visitors get their own four-digit code. As well as unlocking and locking the door, codes can generate smartphone alerts to keep you aware of who’s coming and going.

For example; when you are on holidays and you have organised someone to feed your cat, they are given a unique code that you can delete when you have arrived home. This is much easier than trying to get the spare key returned. It is also much more cost effective than changing the locks every time someone losses a key. This ensures only the right people ever have access to your home or business.


Add a connected doorbell camera to your door and you have a solution to the growing problem of package theft. There’s no need to stay home for a delivery; instead, you can use your smartphone app to verify a delivery person, unlock your smart lock, ask them to leave the package inside, and then secure your house again once they leave.

Early-Warning Alerts

Most security technology can alert you when something bad happens. can let you know beforehand, so that you can spot any suspicious activity.

Any movement triggered by contact sensors on doors and windows or motion sensors will send an alert straight to your device.

Criminals breaking in

Security systems still have their original function with new features: Hi-tech safeguards like Crash and Smash protection. This feature protects you from the criminals smashing your security panel as you will still be notified and have peace of mind.

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