What security certification does Wotch have?

Wotch holds a Master Security License and a WA Installation and Consultants license.

Why is there a monthly fee?

Wotch connection accounts are paid for on a monthly basis, much like a mobile phone or Pay-TV plan to keep your Wotch services running for around $2 per day. Key features of your monthly plan include:

  • Always Connected 3G Data Connection via Vodafone
  • Access to your Wotch/Alarm.Com app (Apple iOS & Android)
  • Access to your exclusive web portal to make system changes and set location based rules
  • Vodafone Mobile data used by your control panel. The data SIM and communicator are already in the panel
  • Capture of 1,000 HD video clips Online/Upload and 40 image sensor photo uploads per month (This can be increased with a plan upgrade)
  • Secure (256 bit encryption) cloud storage of all your video clips and image sensor photos for up to 60-days, downloadable on command
  • Email and Push-Notification mobile alerts
  • Back of house administration and remote support
What quality are the image sensor photos?

Image sensor photo quality

The photo quality of the Wotch image sensor is 320x240px. Photos captured in a light environment will display in colour, while infrared photos will be black and white.

What quality are the IP Video Camera Images?

The default resolution of Wotch video cameras is 640x400px. This can be changed to 1280x800px or 320x200px in the web portal. To do this, go to your Wotch Dash Board login using your Wotch username and password. Click on ‘Video’, then ‘Video Device Settings’ then select ‘Saved Video’. Note that if you select the higher resolution (1280x800px), your video will take longer to load when live streaming, as well as taking longer to upload clips.

Can I use other security components with my Wotch system?

The hardware sold by Wotch is selected for its reliability, security and compatibility. Our Support Team can help you with it if needed. ‘Works with Wotch’ components are also listed on our website. These components connect to Wotch system and can be operated from the app and web portal. However, they are not sold by us and we don’t offer technical support for them. Any other hardware you connect to your Wotch system may not be compatible and our Support Team will not be able to assist you.

Can't access the Wotch app?

If you lose access to your Wotch app for any reason, you can still arm and disarm your Wotch system from the control panel by entering your user code. You can also check sensor status and history from the control panel. Other functions, such as alert settings, can be managed by logging into the Wotch web portal.

Access the Wotch web portal by logging into your account on the Alarm.Com website and clicking ‘Access web portal’.

Can Wotch be integrated into my current alarm system?

Yes. But you will have to upgrade your alarm panel and keypad to an Alarm.Com supported product such as the DSC Neo system. Your existing wired devices will be compatible. Contact Wotch support for more details and cost for Wotch to do this for you.

What is Alarm.Com? is simply smart solutions that fit your life. With smart home Wotch systems starting at only $750 self-install, we have solutions that will fit any budget no matter how big or how small. To start off with let me give a little background on the company. was founded in 2000 as smart homes were just beginning to gain more traction. At first, it was designed for just the alarm industry. Through a user could now arm and disarm their system from anywhere in the world as long as they had a computer (smartphones were not invented yet so there was no app). This began a new era of innovative security systems. When they first hit the market they were direct to consumer but soon realized that users would have a better experience if they offered the service through licensed alarm dealers. At this time there were really no people doing DIY installs of security systems because the programming and wiring was so complicated.

The company was purchased by a venture capital fund in 2009 which gave them an influx of capital to really innovate their products and services. Since 2009 has developed into a whole home control system. You can now have total control over things such as lights, remote camera viewing and monitoring, video verification for alarms, door locks, and pretty much any Z-Wave product on the market. These features can be controlled through any smartphone or computer with internet access. Since the development of smart watches, has created apps for both iOS and Android based platforms.

With all the features offers, the consumers’ life becomes much simpler. Imagine this: When the last person leaves your house the system knows to automatically shut the lights off and adjust the thermostat to a higher more energy efficient temperature. The system can then detect when you are coming home, though geo-fencing, and it will automatically turn the lights back on and adjust the temperature back to a comfortable level. Pretty cool, right?

That’s not all though… Now your system can not only text you when your kids come home but it will also send you a snapshot of who disarmed the system. So maybe you don’t have kids but have a dog or cat; with’s Image Sensor you can now look into your home at any time.

Whether you are the on-the-go traveler, busy parent, or just a technology enthusiast, Wotch and will give you smart solutions that will simplify your life. If you are interested in learning more about’s products, and services, feel free to give us a call for a free consultation. Our sales & information number is 1300 4 WOTCH (1300 496 824).

Can I buy a system from directly?

No, but we’d be happy to provide either an assisted self-install or professional installed Smart Security System for you! does not sell systems directly. They are focused on building the best, most reliable technology and there services are sold through authorized security professionals, such as Wotch P/L who install, monitor and support the system.

How are your systems monitored?

Unlike traditional systems that typically only alerted you if the alarm goes off, Wotch systems monitor the activity across your home’s sensors 24/7, whether your system is armed or not. This means your system can be useful in emergency and non-emergency events.

All the signals from the security system are sent over the Wotch dedicated secure cellular connection for fast and reliable communication. In the event of an emergency, that signal is instantly sent to our Central Monitoring Station (A.R.M), managed by Wotch. There are professional monitoring personnel at the A.R.M Central Station 24/7 to receive the real-time alarm signals from your Wotch systems, and dispatch emergency response if you have chosen this option.

Non-emergency alerts are processed by for all Wotch systems and sent out based on the rules that you define. For example, you may choose to get an alert when the front door opens between 12-2pm so you know the dog walker showed up.

What does a system cost?

Wotch systems are sold as a part of a smart connected home security system powered by Alarm.Com. Security is typically sold with a low upfront cost and an ongoing monthly service fee similar to a cell phone. A typical system costs a few hundred dollars up front and $35 – $55 per month, depending on the size of your home and the devices and services you choose to include.

An interactive security system is usually less expensive than your monthly cable subscription or cell phone bill. This approach is much more affordable than investing thousands of dollars up front on equipment that may be out of date in a few years.

We recommend that you talk with us to find the best options that will work for you.

What are my installation options?

All Wotch systems are professionally configured. Wotch offer a choice of installation options from self-installation to full service professional installation.

If you’re tech-savvy, you may feel comfortable installing a pre-configured system, which includes a DIY kit and self-monitoring. Don’t worry if you’re not, we have professional security licensed personnel who offer full professional installation.

The choice is really up to you. You’ll get a great system either way. We are ready to help you get started and answer any questions you may have. Call Wotch today on 1300 4 WOTCH.

How is Wotch different?

Wotch is engineered to be more reliable than other systems

Unlike other systems that share a phone or cable line, Wotch systems use a dedicated, secure Vodafone cellular connection to provide reliable and uninterrupted service for your critical security messages. This also means that there is no physical phone or cable line exposed on the outside of your house that could be cut and compromise your system.

Your system will communicate even if the power is out, or the Internet or broadband is down.

If your panel is tampered with or destroyed, Wotch systems still sends a signal to the authorities, thanks to our Crash and Smash Protection.

Proactive safeguards do more to help you stay safe

If there’s an emergency, we’re one step ahead. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, Wotch systems can automatically shut down the heat or AC to stop the circulation of dangerous fumes, and send a signal to dedicated smart phones and/or emergency personnel.

How? Wotch systems lets you easily set rules so that your home automatically responds in an emergency to help keep you safe. Wotch connect your home’s key devices, like carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, and your heating and AC system, wirelessly to the Wotch Security Hub panel.
Learn more about Safeguards here.

Alerts and notifications work for you 24/7 – even when your system is disarmed

Wotch’s Always-On Technology keeps you notified of any activity you care about, whether your system is armed or not. This means you can get text or email notifications when a door or window is opened, if a medicine or pool gate is opened, when someone disarms the system, or even adjusts the thermostat. You can choose to get as many – or as few – alerts as you like.
Learn more about Alerts and Notifications here.

It remembers, even if you forget

With flexible and easy to set custom rules and alerts, you can get reminders if the garage door hasn’t been closed by 10pm, or if you leave home without arming the system. Create reminders based on time of day, or when the system detects that you’ve left home.

Customizable solutions grow with you over time

Wotch offers a whole suite of services to make your home even better. With video monitoring, energy management and home automation, you can upgrade your home to a smart home – at anytime. As you add to your Wotch system, seamlessly connects all of your devices so that they work together, and work smarter. You can build a totally connected home today or do it over time. With Wotch, you won’t get left behind.
Learn more about Solutions here.

I have an existing security system, can I upgrade it to Wotch using existing equipment?

Many existing home security systems can be upgraded to a modern security system with Wotch. Wotch is compatible with systems made by DSC, GE Security, Interlogix, Qolsys and 2GIG. Many older systems can be easily upgraded to a modern security platform. Wireless sensor and communication technology make it very simple to upgrade and there is no need to open walls or run wires.

Call Wotch and we can work with you to get the most out of your existing equipment while bringing your system up to date.

I’m an existing customer, how do I download the Wotch/ app?

Whether you use iOS, Andoid or Blackberry, downloading and using the app just takes a few steps. Click here to find and download the appropriate app for your mobile device.

I’m an existing customer, how do I get my username and password for my account?

If you forgot your login information, contact Wotch support on 1300 4 WOTCH to retrieve it.

If you haven’t received a login name or password, they will be provided by Wotch. If you are unsure of how to contact us, just email your query to  or call us at 1300 496 824 and we’ll be happy to help you!

I’m an existing customer, who do I contact to have my system serviced?

The quickest way to get service for your system is through us. Call 1300 4 WOTCH or email

Can I connect my analog cameras to

You can connect existing analogue (cabled in coaxial cable) and view live video from them at any time on your computer or mobile device! You can also use the connection with the security system and sensors to trigger smart recordings to capture important activity around the house, like kids coming home or packages being delivered. Contact Wotch support for further details on how to do this.

What kinds of video cameras does Wotch offer?

Wotch systems works with indoor and outdoor, wired and wireless, and fixed and panning cameras, all of which can send live video and recorded clips right to your phone.

Wotch has several ways to integrate cameras into the service. The great news is that they all get intelligent clip capture, instant video alerts, anytime mobile access and real-time streaming. Wotch offers cameras with wireless connectivity, indoor or outdoor capability, and 720p HD quality recording. Pan/tilt and night vision (Infra-Red) options are available. Analog cameras can be connected through an video server; so many different cameras will work with the Wotch system including cameras you may already have installed. We can help you determine the camera that’s right for you. Learn More Here

I heard that Wotch can control Garage Doors? How do I know if it will work with mine?

Virtually any garage door operator can be connected with a Wotch system through Z-Wave. Through our partnerships with Aeon Labs, we are able to connect virtually any garage door operator to a Wotch system through specific Z-Wave devices that ensure safe and effective remote operation via your Wotch smart device app.

I have Lutron lights and shades in my home. Can I use those with

Yes. Lutron devices supporting RadioRa can be connected to to enable you to turn lights on and off, raise and lower shades, or set up rules to operate them automatically. Even raise the blinds and flash your lights in case of a break-in!

Can I access Wotch through my phone?

You can access your Wotch system through your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, and more. See all of our apps here.